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warning: the following may not be coherant...

So I'm sitting here in my CMNS 472 - Books, Markets, and Readers class, not paying attention and instead talking to boyo down there (aka Paul). He brings up the Nanowrimo blog idea we had been flitting back and forth.

Class almost all forgotten, and five minutes later, Zero Ideas is born. Welcome!!

Of course, I'm sure my professor is utterly suspicious regarding the silly grin on my face, one entirely caused by boyo and his silly post. I had to be careful not to start laughing in the quiet lecture hall (or course, me typing when there are no notes to type is just as suspicious, but alas I digress).

He has to go on about how he has no ideas (this, from the boy who seems to have endless ones) and here I haven't really given it much thought. Last year for Nanowrimo, I wrote a fanfiction surrounding the Star Trek: Enterprise series. November isn't the greatest time for me to take part in this competition (since it's when I have my term papers and projects due), but I faired alright and made it halfway through.

So my goal for this year: Beat last years goal.

Sounds fairly simple but it comes to... ideas?

I guess we'll wait and see...

What am I supposed to be learning again? Oh yeah, publishing books.... *facepalm*
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Paul - 6 days and counting

If you're reading this, it means I'm in BIG TROUBLE!!! There are six days left to go, SIX! And I have no ideas!

Just typical really, beginning of October I was swimming in them, hell, YESTERDAY I was swimming in them, but as the start date draws closer my brain just goes *phut* and ideas flutter away like a sweet wrapper in an updraft.

Oh well...maybe by the time the start date finally arrives I'll have an idea...then after that it's one man, thirty-one days and fifty thousand's like the college assignment from hell really...

*Thinks for an idea...*

*Thinks some more....*

It'll come to me...

*Keeps thinking as tumbleweed rolls past*

Maybe you should come back later, this might take a while...
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